Student Assistance Program

Stressed? Overworked? Need Advice?

The Aetna Student Assistance Program (SAP) provides resources to help you balance the challenges of college life by offering 24/7 access to interactive web resources. This complements the Rice on-campus student health and counseling center. SAP is included with your medical plan at no additional cost.

With Aetna's easy-to-use web resources, you can search for information comfortably and privately.

Please click here to access the website. The school ID is "Rice".

Click here to access the Student Assistance Program Newsletter.

The Student Assistance Program web services include resources for:

  • balancing college life
  • relationships
  • life as a parent
  • travel advice
  • financial issues
  • wellness
  • pet information
  • legal issues
  • career advice and much more!