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Every degree seeking student is required to have health insurance coverage, compliant with the Affordable Care Act, while enrolled at Rice University. 

Therefore, all students must take action during the open enrollment period to elect to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan, administered by Aetna Student Health, OR request a waiver of the student insurance, by demonstrating comparable insurance coverage.


 Open Enrollment for Fall 2015

July 6 - September 4

The Open Enrollment period for Fall 2015 has closed.



IMPORTANT: All students that have not enrolled in coverage, or submitted the waiver by September 4, 2015, will automatically be enrolled in annual coverage and charged the premiums. Once you are enrolled in coverage, you cannot cancel for any reason. This process does require additional processing time. The process could take up five weeks after the open enrollment deadline date to be considered complete. If you do not enroll yourself in coverage, you could potentially have a gap in coverage and will need to pay out of pocket until your enrollment has been processed. Once processed, you will be able to file a claim for reimbursement. The coverage will not be prorated and will be effective 08/15/15. Please understand the risk of not electing to enroll yourself in coverage during the open enrollment period. 



All Rice-sponsored F-1 and J-1 international students must enroll of one of the two plans below:

1) Rice's Student Health Insurance Plan, by Aetna

2) Rice's approved Alternate Health Insurance Plan for International Students, SAS

 For all questions regarding the SAS Plan, contact the Office of International Students and Scholars.


 The Cashier's Office will update the tuition bill based on the insurance decision within a few days of you submitting your waiver/enrollment application.  



For plan specific and network provider questions, please contact Aetna Student Health: 1-877-375-7908

What to do if you experience one of the following:   


Normal sickness or minor emergency


Go to the Rice Student Health Center during regular business hours, appointments are preferred. As a student, you already pay for access to the Health Center.

Minor emergency or if Student Health Center is closed


Contact your in-network Primary Care Physician or Urgent Care clinic.


Major emergency


Go to the emergency room


Life-threatening emergency


Dial 911 (off-campus) or x6000 (on-campus) for an ambulance to be sent to your location



If your doctor’s office is closed and you do not know whether your condition is life threating, you can call one of the Nurse Health Line's listed below.This is a free service available 24/7. You will be able to speak to a trained Nurse that can advise you on the best place to seek treatment based on your symptoms.

Aetna Nurse Health Hotline: 1-800-556-1555 (ONLY available to students enrolled in the Aetna insurance plan!)

Memorial Hermann Nurse Health Line: 713-338-7979 or Toll Free at 1-855-577-7979


Important Contacts:

Rice Student Health Center                    (713) 348-4966

RUPD/Rice EMS                                   (713) 348-6000

Wellbeing and Counseling Center             (713) 348-3311

Aetna Customer Service Phone Number   (877) 375-7908


Click here to download the Aetna Mobile App on your smartphone! 

The app has the ability to use your current location to show you the closest in-network provider!