Health care is very expensive and while the Student Health Center on campus can provide primary care for students, sometimes students require additional care for hospitalizations, surgery, or other specialty care. It is important that students are able to receive appropriate health care when necessary.

Rice University requires that all registered, degree seeking students (with the exception of students enrolled in traditional online programs or enrolled in the Liberal Studies programs, excluding the MAT for new teachers) maintain health insurance while enrolled so that unexpected illness or accident does not hinder its students' wellness or academic success. It is Rice University's responsibility to ensure the safety of all students.

Therefore, students may only opt out of the Rice Student Health Insurance Plan if their outside insurance meets Rice's waiver requirements. An approved waiver is only valid for the academic year in which it was approved.


Important Information

All students that have not enrolled in coverage, or submitted a waiver by the semester deadline in which you are enrolled in for classes, will be automatically enrolled in coverage and charged the full premium. Once you are enrolled in coverage, you cannot cancel for any reason. If you do not enroll yourself in coverage you will be auto-enrolled in the annual Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan, please note your enrollment process will need additional processing time. You may need to pay out of pocket for medical services until your enrollment process is complete. Once processed, you will be able to file a claim for reimbursement. The coverage will not be prorated and will be effective 08/01 (Fall) or 01/01 (Spring). Please understand the risk of not electing to enroll yourself in coverage during the open enrollment period.