Health Care on Campus

Rice Student Health Services provides preventive and outpatient clinical care for the students of Rice University. Student Health is located on-campus and is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of undergraduate and graduate students, with an emphasis on prevention.

Who is eligible for health care?

All full-time graduate, business school, and undergraduate Rice University students are able to use the Student Health Service. Spouses, dependents, and class 3 students are not eligible. Student Health does not file or bill health insurance. The services are available to all eligible students, regardless of the type of health insurance owned.

On-Campus Services Provided
(some may incur extra fees)

Rice University Student Health offers a number of services to students, full spectrum of clinical care and preventive medical services.

Examples include:

  • sports injuries
  • illness
  • skin conditions
  • respiratory conditions (e.g. asthma)
  • sexual health
  • well-woman exams
  • contraception consults
  • gastrointestinal conditions
  • genito-urinary conditions
  • testing for STDs and HIV
  • travel medicine
  • vaccinations
  • physical exams*

*Student Health does not perform some types of physical exams. Very lengthy, extensive physical examination forms (e.g., Antartic, Peace Corp, FAA flight physicals) cannot be obtained at Student Health.

Clinical Care

Student Health offers outpatient clinical care services for Rice University students. It is staffed by four primary care physicians, four registered nurses, and two front office staff. The student health fee, which is required of all full-time Rice Students, provides for the professional services at the Student Health clinic.

  • Student Health does not bill insurance companies.
  • Students may not designate one of the Student Health physicians as their "primary care provider" for health insurance purposes
  • Student Health is not able to provide primary care for students with chronic medical needs.
  • Students who need significant continuing care for a medical, or psychiatric, condition will be referred to a physician in the Houston community.

Although the professional services provided at Student Health do not generate additional costs to students, laboratory testing and radiology services do. If laboratory testing, radiographic testing, or referral to a sub-specialist is needed it is at this point that health insurance becomes involved. Vaccinations provided at Student Health also involve additional cost.

Free Testing

Student Health can provide the following tests at no additional cost:

  • rapid strep tests
  • mono-spot tests (infectious mononucleosis)
  • urine pregnancy tests
  • urine chemistry tests
  • glucometer tests
  • electrocardiography

Tests outside of this list (e.g., blood chemistry testing, x-ray services) are not located on-site and will be billed to the student or their insurance by the reference laboratory or radiology clinic used. Laboratory specimens (e.g., blood, urine) are collected on-site so the student does not need to go to another location. However, in the event radiographic testing (e.g., chest x-ray) is needed the student will be referred to a nearby radiology clinic. Students are expected to provide transportation or to have a friend drive them.

The immunizations listed here are eligible for reimbursement through Aetna and Wellfleet. Prices are subject to change. You must pay out of pocket and file a claim for reimbursement.

Click here for information on how to file a claim and to access the claim forms.

For more information, please visit the Student Health Services website here!

Contact Information:

*The email address above is for general administrative purposes only and may not be used to ask medical questions, request medical records, set up appointments, or to request advice.