Travel Assistance

If you are going to study abroad and have questions about health insurance, please click here. Student Insurance is required for all students on the study abroad program and you must request a waiver or enroll in the plan during Open Enrollment.

On-call International Travel Assistance

Coverage anywhere – at school, home or traveling, plus you are covered in the summer. As a member of the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan, you already have access to ON CALL International.

24/7 Worldwide Medical Information & Assistance

  • Pre-Trip Plans
  • Medical Monitoring
  • Medical/Dental/Pharmacy Referral
  • Hospital Deposit Arrangements
  • Prescription Drug Replacement Assistance
  • Dispatch of Physician
  • Unlimited Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Unlimited Medical Repatriation
  • Visit by Family Member/Friend during hospitalization
  • $2,500 Emergency Return Home in the event of death or life threatening illness of a parent or sibling

Travel Assistance

  • 24/7 Emergency Travel Arrangements
  • Translation Assistance
  • Emergency Travel Funds Assistance
  • Lost Luggage and Travel Documents Assistance
  • Assistance with Replacement of Credit Card/Travelers Checks
  • Medical/Dental/Pharmacy Referral Service
  • Hospital Deposit Arrangements
  • Dispatch of Physician
  • Emergency Medical Record Assistance
  • Legal Referral
  • Bail Bonds Assistance

IMPORTANT: ON CALL must coordinate and pre-approve all transportation arrangements for the benefit to apply.

Visit the Aetna Student Health site for more information on Travel Assistance, such as On Call Description of Services.

International SOS

International SOS is a Rice-sponsored service for faculty, students and staff traveling internationally.

Anyone traveling on University business or for a University related activity is eligible. University business and University related activities/programs are broadly defined as part of professional or academic work including research, attendance or speaking at a conference, study abroad, summer jobs or internships.

*Personal travel such as vacations or travel home to visit family are not covered.*

Services Include:

  1. Medical Assistance Services:
    • 24-hour access to SOS worldwide alarm centers staffed with multilingual coordinators
    • Emergency and routine medical advice by SOS physicians
    • Medical and dental referrals
    • Medical evacuation/repatriation
    • Outpatient case management
    • Arrange for inpatient admission and identify receiving physician
    • Arrange ground transportation and accommodation for accompanying family members
    • Assistance with documentation for insurance claim forms
    • Repatriation of mortal remains
  2. Travel Assistance Services:
    • Legal referrals
    • Emergency message transmission
    • Lost document advice and assistance
    • Compassionate visit/family travel assistance
    • Return of minors
  3. Security Assistance Services:
    • 24-hour access to SOS security specialists who provide up-to-date security and safety information.
    • Access to security crisis center
    • Coordination and transportation for security evacuations
  4. Additional Services:
    For Countries with SOS Clinics and/or Alarm Centers
    • Access to SOS member-only clinics for primary and 24-hour emergency care
    • Country-specific information
    • In-country SOS resources (staff and facilities)
    • Direct 24-hour access to local alarm centers for medical information, referrals and appointments

Access the International SOS portal, by clicking on this link.

How do I file a claim for foreign medical services?

When You Receive Treatment Outside the United States:

Treatment outside of the United States is treated as out of network. Most providers outside the United States will not file a medical claim for you. If that's the case, you'll need to pay the provider in full for your treatment and then file a claim with Aetna Student Health.

What you will need to do:

STEP 1 - Get an itemized medical bill from the provider-in English, if at all possible-before you leave the country you're in. The bill should include:

  • The full name and address of the provider
  • The date that services were provided
  • A detailed listing with separate charges for each service provided
  • A notation that you paid the bill in full (This is very important so that we'll know to send any payment to you, not to the provider.)

STEP 2 - Send Aetna Student Health the itemized bill, along with the following information:

  • Student's name
  • Patient's name (This is especially important if the patient is the student's spouse or dependent)
  • School name
  • Student's identification number or Social Security number

You may write this information right on the bill, if there's space, or attach a separate piece of paper, if necessary.

Mail the bill to:
Aetna Student Health Claims Administrators, Inc.
P. O. BOX 981106
EL PASO TX 79998